The lynchings of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith areĀ horrific. I cannot believe that any decent human being would have done anything like this — shooting African American people, hangingĀ them from trees or telephone poles for the world to see. Also, if you take a look at the photo all the people there, they all look happy, or victorious. I don’t understand why anyone, even a racist person, could look at that bloody dead body and be proud of themselves. If I had been a racist person and had done that I would still feel ashamed and a bit disgusted with myself. These people in my opinion, are not human. They are evil creatures that believe that killing people is fun. I hate them.

After we studied lynching in class I was shaking and scared. I was terrified. And following the lynching, we saw some videos in history on WWII. That did not help me whatsoever. I had a nightmare that night.